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MEF Holding Halloween Facebook Contest 

Posted November 11, 2015


MEF hosted its first ever Halloween contest exclusively on Facebook for Most Original, Funniest and Scariest costumes.  Contest applied to all Montville Township students age pre-school to High School.  MEF received over 40 submissions!  The winners are listed below:


Funniest - Grandpa Bryce (submitted by Jennifer VanNess Caramucci)

Scariest - Prince of Darkness (submitted by Jennifer VanNess Caramucci)

Most Original - The Claw Game (submitted by Teresa Bruschetti Amoia)


Congratulations to all who participated.  We had a lot of fun reviewing each and every entry.

MEF Awards $1,000 Grant 

Posted October 20, 2015


MEF awarded a $1,000 Grant for "PE Standout" T-shirts for Montville High School. The PE Standout program encourages and recognizes all Physical Education Class participants. Keep a look out for the shirts. Congratulations!

MEF Presence at Back To School Nights

Posted September 18, 2015


MEF had the wonderful opportunity to participate in Montville Back to School Nights.  Meeting the parents, teachers and school supporters turned into a great network event for MEF.  


Congratulations to the winners of MEF’s Back to School Night Raffles!


Randy Schneider = Woodmont

Denise Gauweiler = Montville H.S.

Josephine Sudol = Valley View

Josephine Wehrle = Lazar

Diane Brynczka = Cedar Hill

Dane Brown = William Mason

Jodi Ross Benson = Hilldale

Ken Ferris = St. Pius X


MEF Walks in Relay for Life

Posted June 14, 2015


MEF participated in Montville's Relay for Life held on Saturday, June 13 from 5pm to 11pm.  MEF is proud to be a part of this initiative and found the day truly inspirational!  Thank you all for the support and dedication to this worthy cause.

MEF Logo Contest Winners

Posted April 20, 2015


The results of the MEF Logo Contest are in!  First place awarded to Tiffany Lai, 12th grader at Montville High School;  Second place goes to Isabella Mangano, 5th grader at William Mason and; Third place goes to Veronica Tullo, 7th grader at Lazar Middle School.


We would like to thank all students for their designs. We received 68 amazing entries!  The designs were truly innovative and reflected the very essence of the MEF. Choosing the three top was NOT an easy decision.


Thank you all for your support!!

Farmer's Market 

Posted October 15, 2015


MEF sold water and juice to help raise funds for future grants at the Farmer's Market located at the Towaco Train Station from July to October.  It was a wonderful opportunity for networking and promoting MEF awarenes.  


Thank you for the continued support! 

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