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The MEF extends sincere thanks and gratitude for all those who have served the Montville community and the MEF.  Thank you.

Seth Davenport and David F. Scelba

Former Presidents
Seth Davenport
David Scelba
Anthony Aceti
Carl J. DiPiazza
Norm Feld
John Capo
Michael Weinstein
Michael Abramson

Former Members
Michael Schaffer
Rebecca Finnerty
Padi Nazmiyal
Kim Romola
Monica Trogani
Joseph Vaccarella
Albert Van Riper, Jr.
Nancy Chang
Lucille Tullo
John Smith
Cynthia Abramson
Camille Bressman
Kerry Laurito
Janice Martin
Ronald Ascher
Stacey Vinder
John Taltavall
Valerie Stefanelli
Bernie Klein
Srikanth Rangarajan
Janet Ryan
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